Welcome to Helena Community Gardens

Garden with us!

Each of our community gardens provides participants with an individual plot, tools, water, compost, straw, common space and the knowledge and guidance of Garden Managers and the HCG network.
With these resources, and a little bit of persistence and patience, gardeners cultivate food for their family, friends, and we encourage donations to Helena Food Share as well!
Read about our Montana Rural Health Initiative Mini-Grant, a success story from Waukesha Garden

photo of row cover and squash
Daphne points out the summer squash under the Row Cover

2018 Events:

Ten Mile Brewing Community Night – March 18
An Evening with Bob Quinn – March 22
ReStore Drawer Planter Box Day – April 21
St Paul’s Wednesday Dinner – April 25
Gardening for Newbies – May 5
Water Workshop @ Waukesha – May 12
Water Workshop @ Jubilee – May 16
Blackfoot River Brewery Pint Night – May 14
Pest Management at Plymouth Garden – May 31
Summer Lot Party @ Food Share Garden – June 8
Composting Workshop @ Selma Held – June 9
Yes You Can! Food Preservation Demo – Sept. 8


Returning Gardeners Deadline to Claim Plot:  Thursday, March 15, 2018
New Gardener Sign ups Begin:  Friday, March 16, 2018
Note:  Applications received after April 15th will be added to the wait list and assigned on first come, first served basis.
Payment and Agreement due for your plot:  Sunday April 15, 2018

Deadline for fall cleanup and garden plot breakdown:  October 25th

New Gardener Sign Ups Begin: Friday, March 16, 2018.
The first step is to fill out an online form on March 16.  We will contact you if the garden you are interested in has plot availability.  Gardeners will be selected by first come first served, and desired garden location.  If you find out you will be getting a plot, please read and fill out the Garden Agreement and return to the Garden Manager.  Payment is due April 15th.
Which garden?  View list and map of community gardens with links to maps for each location.
Gardeners on the Wait list:  Note:  Applications received after April 15th will be added to the wait list. While you might not get a plot in your first choice of garden the first year, we keep an active waiting list that we work through the entire season.  Contact us if you have questions.

Timeline to Reclaim Plot:  Before March 15, 2018
*Note:  We need to receive an email or verbal confirmation in order to secure your plot for the next growing season.  Please fill out the online form to let us know you are coming back.

You will need to fill out a new Garden Agreement (download form here) for 2018, and payment is due April 15th.

Please make sure we have your current contact information so we can touch base with you before the season begins!

If you would like to sponsor a plot for someone who may not have the resources to pay a plot fee, please indicate this on the online form.  We thank you for your generosity!

Fee Waiver
We are able to provide a full or partial waiver for a limited amount of plots. To apply for a waiver, please include this information on the online form.