Plymouth Garden


(Plymouth Garden [on Winne Ave]) was built with support from Plymouth Congregational Church.


27 plots (raised beds):

  • 14 “small” plots (4′ X 10′)
  • 13 “large” plots (12′ X 20′)
  • 10 flower barrels (communal)
  • raspberry patch (communal)

Garden Manager:



3 thoughts on “Plymouth Garden”

    • Terrance, New Gardener Sign Ups begin on March 15th. You can sign up using our online form then and we will let you know if their is space available at Plymouth. There may also be space available at Covenant Garden (off Broadway and California). Thanks for your interest. Hope to garden with you this season!

    • Terrance, New Gardener sign-ups begin the on March 15th. Plymouth may have a few spots available. They will fill first come, first serve from the online form on this website. Thanks for your interest!

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