Science Exchange Students

August 10, 2015
Fourteen Iraqi high school students who are learning about environmental issues in MT and the U.S. visit Selma Held Garden on August 10th. Greeting the visiting delegation were several resident Selma Held gardeners along with HCG board member Jim Barngrover.


Selma Held Community gardener Alice Anderson (84 yrs old) shared fresh vegetables and pickled cucumbers and beets with the Iraqi exchange students.




2015-08-10_11-08-51_623 (Copy)

When asked about what, so far, most impressed the Iraqi students at a luncheon held at the Mediterranean Grill one young man volunteered the visit to Selma Held Garden. He elaborated that the concept of having community gardens could be very significant when he returns home. He said that he was not aware of anything like it in his region of northern Iraq.

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